Microsoft Integrating jQuery with Visual Studio

Scott Guthrie over at MS made an announcement that the open source jQuery library will be integrated into Visual Studio. ( This means they also treat it as a supported product with technical support contracts, and will use it to build controls for ASP.Net.

Edit: Microsoft isn’t necessarily ‘supporting’ it like they would their own proprietary technologies, but is more releasing it with their product and making it a part of the ‘offering’ for a developer. Microsoft doesn’t own jQuery at all or anything like that, it’s still under it’s own MIT license.


It’s always good to see the communities tools and voice being heard and integrated, and this is one of those tools (the jQuery library: I use often,
Richard Harbridge

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2 Comments on “Microsoft Integrating jQuery with Visual Studio”

  1. Tom Styles Says:

    Scott’s post actually says that the Jquery library with be shipped as is under it’s existing MIT license.

    Microsoft is “backing” JQuery rather than “supporting” it. Real progress though.

  2. rharbridge Says:

    Oh true. Thank you for clarifying that. I was so excited when I wrote this post I didn’t really think about how to best articulate Microsoft’s role.

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