Google’s New Browser (What it really means.)

Yes Google has a new browser. Yes it is as fast as Firefox, and yes IE 8 is coming out soon and is also looking pretty enticing.

But the real thing here that is interesting isn’t the functionality that has been released for Google and IE 8’s browsers yet. The real interesting things are what will happen next.

Microsoft has been at this for a long time, and they have gotten very smart about it. The newer products like SharePoint 2007 and many of their online services work best with IE. That is: They have features that ONLY work in IE. This forces many users (especially in business) to use IE in order to get the full power out of their everyday applications.

Google’s new browser isn’t really about the features it has, it’s about the fact that now there is nothing stopping google from releasing features on google’s search engine, youtube, google ‘office’, and other google owned sites/applications that we use everyday that ONLY Google Chrome works with. Let’s face it if Google did make a move like this, then you would see a real upset in the browser wars. Because this means that Google now has some of the most popular and widely used internet resources (youtube and google search) advocating google chrome.

Microsoft has been keeping their work in this regard (works best in IE) limited to the business world for the most part. Google would be dropping that kind of concept right into the public domain.

To me, that is far more interesting than anything else about Google’s new browser,
Richard Harbridge

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