The Importance of Communication Planning

Anytime you implement new technology, improve upon existing technology or simply intend to implement a project that impacts departments, or groups of people in any direct way you should always have a communication plan.

One of the biggest things I see often is a project reaching implementation (or sometimes after implementation, if your lucky a bit before) not having a sufficient communication plan (or any at all in some cases).

What is a communication plan? To me it is the planned method and pattern to which you will notify your target audience, and improve user response and acceptance. It has a target audience (or several) and the key messages or benefits that the target audience(s) are recieving from your new system.

It lets users know how they will be effected, when and how they can receive training, when the new system will impact them and/or be available, what tools they will have available to them, related resources to decrease load on trainers and administrators while providing users with the tools to evangelise and get excited about it on their own.

Letting the effected users know how it will effect their day to day jobs or their business processes in a planned manner will allow you to improve overall acceptance, understanding and decrease the resistance always encountered when a change is implemented.

So next time you write a project plan, or are working in a project find out if there is a communication plan, and if not, find out why, because odds are in almost every situation your project induces change, and without a plan for how to handle that change and communicate it to the effected audience the change will not be as well received.

Communicating my message to you,

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2 Comments on “The Importance of Communication Planning”

  1. PM Hut Says:

    Project Management is 90% about communication, so a communication plan is always critical.

    Here’s an article about developing a communication plan.

  2. Mahamed Boakai Says:

    The note on the importance of communications is concise and to the point. The message in the note is that have a plan for communications. Communications plan (a good one) is the success of any business or project and it makes any institution worthy of existance. Many miss the point that a communications strategy or plan does not have to be long and or cumbersome.

    Long and heavily worded communications plan may convolute the document’s objectives and truncate whatever goal one may have.

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